Costume Progress Made!

I finished up my top for my Tower of Terror 10-miler costume last night. Oh, and remember how I said in an earlier post that I wasn’t going to rip apart the skirt and start again? Yeah, you didn’t think that was actually going to happen did you? So, I also redid the waistband on the skirt. It’s still not particularly flattering but it’s a hundred times better than it was. Just have to finalize the headwear and that costume is done. Yay!

The components of my Wine & Dine costume have arrived, putting that together is next on the list. I also figured out my costume themes for the Dopey Challenge 5K, 10K and half. Still not sure about the marathon or either Star Wars runs yet.

My other costume accomplishment was my first attempt at a Confetti Dot Fabric sparkle skirt. I used the tutorial at Beauty Still Remains. It’s a great tutorial, and the skirt is easy peasy to make. But here’s the thing you need to know about this fabric, it’s the devil. The glue holding the sequins to the fabric gum up the sewing machine needle something fierce and the thread misses, splits, bunches, etc. I may or may not have yelled at my sewing machine a few times. I finally stopped and did some googling and discovered a secret weapon. Wax paper!! Put a strip of plain old wax paper on top of the fabric and sew the seam right thru it. No more issues at all! The paper rips away from the stitching easily with no mess. With the wax paper method you can make the skirt in under 30 minutes. I fought with my machine for over an hour on the first half before discovering the wax paper method. Next skirt I’ll make the waistband a little smaller but overall I like it.


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