My Disney Bucket List

I leave for WDW two weeks from tomorrow for the Twilight Zone 10-Miler and I’m getting excited.  Not only for the run/party or the quick weekend away (which I desperately need, I’m so burned out at work!), but because I realized that in my head I’ve subconsciously been viewing the trip as the start of what I have now dubbed the “Disney Year”.  Because we are going to do so many RunDisney events this year (ToT, Wine & Dine, Dopey & Star Wars Rebel Challenge) it actually made financial sense to buy the Premier Annual Pass and enjoy having it for Disneyland day trips over the year as a bonus.  I keep thinking about things on my Disney Bucket List that I can knock off.  Disney Bucket List you ask?  Yup, every Disney fan has one.  Ever had the thought that you want to do a Disney Cruise, visit Aulani, the Paris parks?  You’ve got a Disney Bucket List.  So, here is mine in no particular order….

  1. Visit all the Disney theme parks – Isn’t this on everyone’s Disney Bucket List?  I have been to Disneyland, WDW and Paris, but not the Asia parks. I’m thinking an Asia Disney trip to do them all after Shanghai opens.
  2. Complete all of the RunDisney events – Well, almost all. I don’t see myself ever flying to FL to do the short Expedition Everest Challenge, but the rest are on the list. So far I have done the WDW Marathon, Dumbo Double Dare & Tinkerbell. Have Tower of Terror 10-Miler, Wine & Dine, Dopey and Rebel Challenge coming up in the next few months. Then only Glass Slipper (PHM) and Avengers remain. Until of course they add more, Paris Half? Yes, please!
  3. Have an annual pass to Disneyland and get my money’s worth out of it – Been there, done that! Had passes for years when I lived in LA.
  4. Get the Premier Annual Pass (both CA and FL parks) and get my money’s worth out of it – This one is on deck for this year! Buying the pass on the trip for the ToT 10-Miler. I live less than 1.5 hours away from Disneyland, so it will get a lot of use there too.
  5. See the Halloween versions of Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion at Disneyland
  6. Try Tonga Toast
  7. Try a waffle sandwich in Liberty Square
  8. Go to Club 33
  9. Stay at all the WDW resorts – This is on a lot of Disney bucket lists also. I’m a commando style park visitor, so I don’t see myself every spending the money on deluxe resorts but you never know. So for now this is really hit the Value and Moderate hotels I haven’t stayed at yet, Art of Animation (staying there for Wine & Dine) and Coronado Springs.
  10. Go on a Disney cruise
  11. Go to Aulani
  12. Be the first person on a ride for the day – Done it, Splash Mountain in WDW with my bro years ago.
  13. Drink around the world in Epcot – Done it a few times, last being after the 2013 WDW Marathon!  And it doesn’t count unless you hit every country (well in my mind anyway).
  14. Work at the original studios in Burbank – Did internships there in college, so was onsite a couple days a week for two years. I didn’t get paid, but I’m still calling it working there. I seriously loved seeing the Team Disney building every time I drove on the lot.  And even though I didn’t get paid I did get an employee discount at the store on lot.  Random side note, the production companies I interned at were all located in the original Animation building, one of the oldest on lot.  Awesome.  And I once saw Fonzie (Henry Winkler) at the copy machine, took all my willpower not to say “Aaaayyyy” to him.  Double Awesome.
  15. Work at a Disney park, if not during my actual career then in retirement part time.
  16. Visit the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco
  17. Go to Star Wars weekend in WDW
  18. See the Osbourne family Christmas lights
  19. Eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table
  20. Here’s a random one – make out on the Haunted Mansion. Yes, you read that right. When I was a kid for some reason I thought it would just be awesome to make out with a boyfriend on that ride (who knows why, I was a kid). Anyway, never did but I still remember thinking that every time I go on the ride, so who knows, maybe I can do it in middle age. Haha.
  21. Go to Disneyland on its actual birthday for a big anniversary year – I went on the bday once years ago for a random year and there was free cake! Want to see the festivities for a bigger anniversary like the 60th in 2015 (which I’ll just so happen to have an annual pass for, woohoo).  Besides, who doesn’t like free cake?
  22. See all the holiday festivities (Easter, Halloween, Xmas, Lunar New Year, etc) and get pics with the characters in holiday costumes
  23. Go on a Disney trip with my niece and nephew. Don’t have kids of my own and would love to visit WDW or the Asia parks with them. I’ll even let my bro and SIL come along cause I’m awesome like that.
  24. Go to Boardwalk to eat/drink. I can’t believe I’ve never been there.
  25. Go to one of the all-night events at a park
  26. Eat at Be Our Guest
  27. Make the RunDisney website/blog/social media pages with one of my running costumes. Egotistical? Maybe.  But I want it.

What’s on your Disney Bucket List?

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