Running in the dark….kinda sucks.

Last weekend was a step back week for me (I’m a week ahead of the Galloway plan because of Tower of Terror next weekend), so I just had to do 3 miles.  I ended up doing it on Sat night so I could get an idea of what it’s like to run in the dark.  Hmm, that made it sound like I strategically planned to do that, didn’t it?  In full disclosure I ended up meeting up with a friend to catch up over a little day drinking on Sat afternoon, which led to a post-day drinking nap.  I woke up about 20 min or so before sunset, took Max on his evening walk then decided to just bang out the 3 mile run.  I grabbed my super duper bright flashlight and set on my way.  I used to be the product manager for flashlights where I work so picked up this $150 handheld ultra bright one in a sample sale, so this is good flashlight and I figured it’d light my way sufficiently.  Not so much.  It was still dusk for the first mile and I was on a good pace, then it really got dark and I slowed down more and more.  I kept obsessing on how the flashlight batteries must be dying.  Or maybe when it’s pitch black there is only so much light you are going to get.  It didn’t seem like I was outrunning the light, just not enough light getting to the ground.  My neighborhood is pretty dark, not a whole lot of street lights or house lights near the curb.  Plus, it’s old (1950s-60s) so lots of cracks and uneven sidewalks from overgrown trees.  Adding to that, my depth perception is not the greatest in the dark.  So I was paranoid I was going to twist my ankle or eat it at any time.  This experiment left me thinking two things:  1.  I am never runing again in my neighborhood after dark.  If I want to run outside at night I need to find a running group that goes somewhere with more lighting.  2.  I really hope Disney puts a lot of lights on the course for ToT and Wine & Dine.  With my luck I’ll trip and jack up my Dopey training.  I’m not worried about the start time of the RunDisney events, during the winter I usually go to the gym between 9-10pm anyway because I hate waiting for machines when it’s crowded.  Just worry about being able to see and not fall on my face.

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