Tower of Terror 10-Miler Trip – Day 1

We flew out on Thurs morning with a direct flight to Orlando.  We booked thru American but the flight was on Alaska and for some reason the reservations wouldn’t let us check-in online so we had to go to the counter which sucked.  We were both annoyed at the added time in line since we weren’t checking bags, that is, until we lucked out with an awesome lady working at the Alaska counter.  She quickly checked us in and moved our seats to an exit row and left an empty middle seat between us – woohoo!  We had so much space, it was awesome, especially for a long direct flight.  The flight itself was uneventful and we landed around 6pm.  We only had to wait about 10 min for the Magical Express and we were on the way.  Everything went smooth, got to the hotel a little before 7 and were checked in and in the room by 7:10.  We stayed at All Star Music and were upgraded to a preferred room for some reason, which was awesomely close to the drink refills and bus stops (the drink refills being key for a soda-holic like me).  I did the online check in ahead of time and there was only one person in front of us in line compared to a long line at the regular check-in, so I’ll definitely be doing that for the future trips and would recommend it.  Epcot was the park open the latest that night, but it was only until 9pm (the Halloween party was going on at MK and we didn’t want to pay for tickets since we’d be late).  We decided to just dump the bags and head over to Epcot so we could at least get the Annual Passes purchased.  For the Premier APs you have to buy them at Guest Services, not the regular ticket booths.  The problem with this is that the people at Guest Services are generally having issues.  There were two windows open with people being helped and two people in front of us waiting.  Even with only two people in front of us it took about 40 minutes for us to get the passes, it was a little ridiculous.  One guy was complaining at the first window the entire time we were waiting and being helped.  A manager should really have come to handle him and let the two employees help the others in line.  By the time we were done the line was at least 15 people deep.  But at least I finally had this little beauty in my hand…

We basically only had 30 min until park close at this point but I had a ticket in my hand so felt the need to at least do one ride.  The plan was to hit Test Track quickly via the single rider line, then grab food at one of the first W&D stands in World Showcase entrance/Mexico area right before closing.  Which would have totally worked had TT not broken down right before we were about to board.  Rebooting took about 10-15 min, so by the time we walked off it was right at 9pm.  Wah, wah, no food for us.  The food court at Music was closed for renovations so we took the bus back to Sports, ate there then walked back over to our hotel.

Once back in the room I was able to link the passes and book some FP+ for the trip.  That was one of the sucky things about buying the passes this trip.  You can’t book the FP+ without a ticket linked and once you buy the premier AP it is active immediately, not on the first day you use it.  Doing it this way means we missed the 60 day window for both this trip and the trip for Wine & Dine half next month.  Which means no FP+ for Seven Dwarf Mine Train or Anna/Elsa on either trip.

2 thoughts on “Tower of Terror 10-Miler Trip – Day 1

  1. It was $1000. I’m doing ToT, Wine & Dine, Dopey and Star Wars this year and figured out I’d spend $1200 on park tickets just buying for the full days we’d be there for the run events. Plus this also lets me pop into the parks for a couple hours when I first get into town or the morning before leaving which I like.


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