Tower of Terror 10-Miler Trip Report – Day 3 – Magic Kingdom

Saturday was race day and the only chance we had for a rope drop on this trip. I really wanted to see the new 7 Dwarf Mine Train but couldn’t get FP+ because we didn’t buy the park passes until we got there this trip. They were already gone for Wine & Dine too (I checked the day we bought the passes this trip), so if you want them get online as soon as your 60 day window opens. Since we didn’t have FP+ I figured we could go for rope drop then book it directly there to get on it before the line gets long. Spoiler alert, that didn’t happen. We were running a few minutes late in the morning, but still should have had enough time to get there before opening. Then before the bus got there 5 motorized scooters got in line. Five. Long after everyone had been standing there waiting for the next bus. But they decided to load 2 of them onto our bus and it took forever. It was like watching 2 painful 1000 point turns while they drove them into position. It took so long the bus behind us on the route was there waiting for us to leave. We finally got to MK and walked in at pretty much exactly opening time. We quickly walked to 7DMT to find the line was already 50 minutes 5 minutes after opening. Argh! But we waited. Less than 5 minutes after we got in line we saw a cast member carrying the 65 min wait sign to the line behind us.

I’m going to keep these details fairly vague in case someone hasn’t ridden the ride yet. The queue has some interactive features during it which were a nice distraction. I just hope they keep them working and no one breaks them. The ride itself is sort of a combo kiddie coaster and dark ride. You do a coaster section, slow down to see the mine, then do another coaster section. The mine scene was awesome, loved the AAs of the dwarves, they were very well done. I do wish the end had more of a ride-thru or views of the cottage, more on par with the mine show scene. Overall I think it’s a really cute family/Fantasyland ride, way better than the old Snow White ride. I will say the coaster sections had more giddy-up than I expected but don’t go into it thinking it’s remotely close to a thrill ride. But it’s really, really short, only something like 2 minutes, 30 seconds long. Super Short. Particularly for a long wait. I’m glad I saw it but don’t think I’d want to wait that long again. Hopefully can get some FP+ for it during Dopey.

After that we hit the mountain range (Space, Splash & Big Thunder) and the Haunted Mansion. I had done the FP lunch reservation for Be Our Guest, which worked out great.  We were in, ordered and sitting at the table in under 10 minutes and the food was out in about 15 minutes.  The theming inside the place is awesome and it was definitely worth going, planning on a dinner there during an April trip.  You enter, then go to a kiosk to place your order, then go sit wherever you want. They find you to bring your food by your MagicBand, or will give you a RFID rose if you don’t have a MagicBand. Cool! I was enthralled that they could pinpoint to the table with the RFID in the MagicBands. There are 3 rooms you can sit in, the main ballroom that has fake snow falling outside the windows, a darker room with the rose and slashed Prince portrait and a third room that had a dancing stature of Beauty & Beast in the center. We tried for the rose room first, along with everyone else on the planet. It’s the smallest and there were no seats. We ended up sitting in the room with the statue on the other side since it was quieter and less crowded. If you want to go to lunch it seems that you need to do the FP reservation though, they weren’t taking any walk-ins when we were there. We split the Croque Monsieur and the Steak Sandwich, the Croque Monsieur was yummy and I’d highly recommend it! The steak sandwich was OK but not particularly outstanding. We also tried the gray stuff and it was of course delicious! After lunch we hit the gift shop on Main Street, then headed back to the hotel to nap before the run.


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