Getting old sucks…

I’ve been having pain in my right heel for the past month or so. After some intensive googling and self-diagnosis I came to the conclusion that it is plantar faciitis. I took a week and a half off from working out and was doing plantar stretches every night and morning. And halfway thru that it was feeling much better, so I did what anyone would do, I stopped doing the stretches. Seriously, why is it human nature to stop a treatment as soon as you start to feel better even though you know you shouldn’t? Anyway, I now have a renewed commitment to stretching and also got this sexy little number to wear to bed..


It’s supposed to keep it stretched while you sleep. But it doesn’t end there! Check out the sexiness when combined with the bunion brace/stretcher for my left foot (bunions are another genetic gift from mom, thanks mom!). Damn this is hot, try to control yourselves…


I never had these issues in my youth. Boo.  On a totally unrelated note, apparently it is National Dog Day today, so enjoy this collage of the adorable Max Rebo.


To blog or not to blog…

So, I’m not a writer and I’ve never really felt a need for a blog.  Two main factors played into my decision to dip my toes in the water with this.  The first is easy, I’m crafty (knit, sew, general craftiness) and I do a lot of DIY projects around my house.  People often ask me how I did stuff so I figured it’d be cool to have a place to explain projects with tutorials.

The second factor is a little more complicated.  I’m currently training to do the RunDisney Dopey Challenge in Jan 2015 and have the Tower of Terror 10 Miler and Wine & Dine half on deck first.  There are so many awesome blog reports of past events but most of the runners all seemed so dang fast.  I hate running and am slow (I’ll do another post later about how a run hater got roped into Dopey).  At this point I know I can cover the mileage and generally can beat any mental blocks, but being a slow runner and seeing the fast times in the blogs still occasionally messed with my head. I figured I couldn’t be the only one so think of this as info for the slow boaters like me.