Dopey Training – Week 22

Happy Thanksgiving!  The holiday weekend marked the first of 2 Dopey Simulation weekends on the Galloway plan.  Those 2 simulation weekends are also the last two long run weekends – the light at the end of the tunnel!  Crap, am I ready for the long runs to be done.  Have I mentioned lately how much I hate running?  The plan called for the simulation to run Thurs-Sun, but I’m going to see Wicked today (yay!) so moved everything up a day so I could finish yesterday (Sat).  My plan was to run this simulation like I was planning to do the actual event.  Right now that plan is to walk the 5K and 10K, run/walk the half, run/walk the full up to somewhere between miles 14-18, then walk the rest.  I think I mentioned in a previous post that B was injured, she’s got a torn ACL.  She’s much faster than me, so has better corral placement and is usually 2 corrals ahead of me, while my brother is 1 behind me.  She’s dropped back to start with me on the last two runs.  I told her for Dopey she should start in her own corral and I’ll drop back to start with my bro, then she can just walk from the start until my bro & I catch up with her running our intervals.  I figure she’ll be able to put away at least 3-5 miles before we catch her (assuming bro & I stop for character pics and she doesn’t).  Point of that being I even mimicked that and character pictures in my simulation weekend.  Haha, I’m hardcore.

Day 1:  3 miles.  I was planning to walk this entire thing, but had an 8am meeting at work.  I was sure it was going to be cancelled but it wasn’t.  So I just ran the entire thing to finish quickly so I could make the meeting.  Got there at 8am on the dot.

Day 2 (Thanksgiving):  4 miles.  I ran straight thru the first 1.5 miles to simulate catching up with B (I’m guessing she’ll only be 1 corral ahead at most for the 10K) then walked the rest.  Every 1/2 mile or so I’d run about 6-7 house lengths to simulate running to get into picture lines.

Day 3:  10 miles.  I ran 2-1 intervals, then walked thru a couple sets of intervals after mile 5 to simulate catching B and checking in with her.  I then went back to the intervals until mile 8.5 and walked the last two.

Day 4 Eve:  My SIL had given me a few strips of KT tape so I could try taping my foot to help with the PF pain.  So I taped it up the night before.  As you can see, Max was amazed…

Day 4:  22 miles.  Well, 22 miles was my plan anyway, I ended up with 21 miles.  I stuck with the 4-1 intervals I’ve been using for the longer runs again.  Had some tummy issues shortly after starting and did a pitstop when I got to the lake.  I left Endomondo running the entire time figuring any stops I had to make could just simulation character pictures (I’m still praying no physical issues during the actual races).  I actually started taking a probiotic a few weeks ago and that has helped with the stomach issues a lot.  But you need to store them in the fridge and I keep forgetting to take them.  Doh!  Anyway, felt not so great at that first stop but recovered and felt strong after that.  Until mile 11 where I had another bout of tummy issues resulting in another pitstop.  Felt fine after that until about mile 14ish.  Sound familiar?  I realized that it’s always around mile 14ish when things get hard.  My PF starts to hurt and my feet start to swell.  I pushed thru it until mile 17, then walked the rest.  By the time I started walking not only did my PF hurt, but the bunion on the other foot hurt, along with the standard bottom of my feet pain.  It wasn’t pleasant.  I realized I was sitting at a 13mm pace before it all went to hell after mile 14.

So, here was my takeaway from this run.  As much as I want to be able to maintain the 4-1 intervals, I can’t.  It’s too much running for my jacked up feet.  I have no problems with the interval for a half, they actually leave me feeling strong for a half.  But the full is just too long at that ratio.  I was already planning on dropping to a 3-1 interval for the actual marathon (so it seems easier than the training), but now I’m going to switch to that for the last simulation weekend and see what that does.  I’m also seriously considering doing the marathon at a 2-1.  We’ll see how the 3-1 intervals feel in the later miles.  If it only gets me another mile or two before the pain sets in, I’ll probably just suffer thru the marathon so I can at least cover the first half faster.  But if dropping to 3-1 leaves me pain free for the entire 20 mile run I’d consider doing the 2-1 in hopes I could feel good the entire 26.2.

Dopey Training – Weeks 20 & 21

I know I still haven’t posted anything about Wine & Dine yet, I’ll get to it eventually.  Spoiler alert: it was wet and cold.  Seems like everytime I’ve tried to jump on here to write a post the last few weeks it crashes so I give up.  Anyway, thought I’d do a catch up on my Dopey training first.  Week 19 was actually W&D, so I pushed that long run weekend to the week after and skipped the Week 20 runs per the plan.  Then did week 21 as scheduled and will basically be sticking with the plan for the rest of the time. I will mention that I actually felt great and strong for the W&D half, so that gave me confidence for the Dopey training.  But boy, does running multiple days in a row make a difference for me.  For Week 20 I was supposed to do 2 mid-week runs, then 8.5 Sat and 20 on Sun.  This was the week where the mental aspects of this started to get to me.  I felt like I should be at the point of tapering by the time I hit 20 miles and yet I still had to do 3 more runs.  So, that sucked.  My PF was also killing me between W&D and walking around parks so I skipped the first mid-week run.  I did Sat by myself then went up to do the Sunday mile with my brother, figuring it’d be easier with someone to talk to.  It was easier but I just didn’t have the motivation to push myself at all.  We did the entire 20 miles, but it was more like run the first half and walk the second.  The good news was that even walking that much (and a slow trudging walk at that, my feet were bothering me) we still finished under the pace.

During this run I also decided that I wasn’t going to train up to 26 miles like the Galloway plan calls for.  I’m going to stick to doing 20-22 for the last two runs.  With the PF issues I’m having it’s not worth the pain.  I feel like I’ll have enough miles in even capping the runs at around 20.

Ha!  Just posted this and realized I totally forget to talk about Week 21.  That’s probably because it wasn’t anything exciting.  Two mid-week runs and 7 miles on the weekend.  I ended up skipping the first mid-week run again.  I’ve found that the PF pain takes 2-3 days to subside after the long weekends and figured being pain-free is more important than 3 miles at this point.

Wine & Dine Half Costume Reveal

I’m leaving on a jet plane on a redeye tonight to the House of Mouse to do the Wine & Dine Half on Saturday.  This will be my third Run Disney event of the year (Tinker Bell and Tower of Terror were the others) and I’ll be getting my 2014 Coast to Coast medal.  For this run I decided to dress up as everyone’s favorite purple dragon – FIGMENT!  I loved Figment since I was a kid and my stuffed Figment from back in the day kept me company while I made the outfit.  For those of you who may not be familiar with Figment, he is a character from the Journey into Imagination ride.  When the ride was redone to go thru the Imagination Institute Figment was originally left out and then added back in when people complained.  When Epcot opened there were no Disney characters (from films or the fab 5) there so Figment was really the only character in the park.

Dreamfinder & Figment:


And here is my costume.  Well, the majority of my costume anyway.  I will also be wearing purple compression socks and purple arm warmers:

For the costume I found the visor on Ebay (it was park merch that was retired).  I made the sparkle skirt using the tutorial I found on Pinterest (there is a link in one of my previous blog posts).  I had to buy the fabric online as I couldn’t find light purple in any stores around here.  Remember if you making a skirt with the Confetti Dot fabric to sew thru strips of wax paper to prevent the sewing machine needle from getting gummed up and jammed.  I couldn’t find a yellow/red tee so I bought a white tee with red trim and dyed it yellow.  Then did the name with an iron-on transfer.  Last pieces were the tail and wings, which were both made out of felt.  The wings also have a layer of batting between the two pieces of felt to give them more structure.  The tail was sewn with a loop/pocket on the top and I just threaded my race belt thru to make it easy to attach.

I love this costume and am now just praying for no rain during the run!  What is everyone dressing up as for W&D?


Dopey Training Weeks 16-18

So I realized I’ve totally sucked in talking about what is going on with my Dopey training.  Oops.  So, here is a little catch up.  Week 16 was a double run weekend, with 7 on Sat and 17 on Sun.  I changed my Saturday intervals to 2:00/0:30 and did a slightly slower than normal pace.  I do a 4-1 interval on my long runs so technically I was still running the same amount but the more frequent walk breaks makes it feel easier, so I thought that would work well.  But it kinda backfired on me during the Sunday run.  I was good (other than the sheer and utter boredom of running that long, around and around the lake I go) up to mile 13.  Then I just hit a total wall.  It was weird, I didn’t feel physically tired, like huffing and puffing tired, it was just that every part of my body (feet, legs, knees, etc) started hurting like a mofo all at once.  When I signed up for Dopey I had the plan to run/walk thru mile 14 of the full, then walk the second half and was planning to train that way as well.  Now my stretch goal is to run/walk longer (otherwise it’s just so long to finish), like to mile 20 then walk the last 6.  Once I started feeling crappy I told myself to push thru to mile 15, then I could walk the last 2 miles home.  I only made it to 14.5 before I gave up and started walking.  I figured maybe I’d be able to run the last mile or so after a longer walking break.  Spoiler alert, that didn’t happen.  My takeaways from this run were first that I have to ratchet the intervals back for the half to conserve energy for the full, going to try a 2-1 next time for the double run weekend.  Second, I need to listen to my body more and accept walking earlier if I need to.  By the time I gave up my feet were swollen and killing me, so I was walking super slow for the first mile of walking.  Had I just started walking earlier I would have had a faster overall pace.

Week 17 was just a 5 mile weekend run and Week 18 just a 6 mile. The 6 mile was supposed to have a Magic Mile, but I really don’t understand them all that well so it really ended up just being a standard 6 mile run.  I actually ended up skipping the Tues night run of week 17 coming off the long run weekend.  That is the first time I skipped a workout in the training and I actually felt guilty the entire week.  Hey, what can I say I’m a rule-follower and I was supposed to run twice.  But after the 17 mile long run my PF was killing me until Weds.  That aspect of the recovery led me to rethink what to do about this week in the training plan.  It’s Week 19 and this is supposed to be a double run weekend with 8.5/20 miles.  But I’m heading to WDW for Wine & Dine.  I was originally planning to move the runs up a week to last weekend but decided against it.  I’m heading out on Weds and was afraid that walking around the parks would just keep my PF irritated and I’d be in pain before even starting to run the half on Sat.  I want to be able to enjoy the run and after party, so the long runs will be happening next weekend instead.

I also decided that I don’t think I’m going to train all the way up to 26 miles like the Galloway plan calls for.  There are 3 more long runs left (yay, only 3 more weekends of torture!) – 20 miles, 23 miles and 26 miles.  I figure I’ll just do 22-23 for the last two instead.  I also really need to find a running buddy for those last 3, it’s just so boring to do them by yourself.  Going to try to rope my brother into joining me (he’s doing Dopey too).  B is currently injured so not sure how much training she is really going to get thru at this point and I need to stick with the plan.

Hope the rest of you Dopeys are doing well with your training!

Tower of Terror 10-Miler Trip – Day 2 – Expo & Parks

The run Expo opened at 10am on Friday morning.  Having been thru the chaos of the Dumbo Double Dare Expo in 2013 we knew we wanted to be there at opening to get first choice on official merchandise and try to beat the crowds.  Since that meant we couldn’t be at a park for rope drop I decided to take the opportunity to try the Tonga Toast at the Poly.  I was able to get an 8am breakfast reservations at Kona Café.  We decided to take a taxi over to the Poly instead of trying to connect at a park via bus and I was really surprised how easy it was to get a taxi.  I figured they would have to call one and we’d wait for a bit but there were a few sitting right there in the parking lot ready to go.  It was a $20 taxi ride from the All Star.  When we sat down at Kona I found myself pondering why it was so popular, the atmosphere of the place seriously looks like every 24 hour café in Vegas casinos.  Not a whole lot of theming or décor going on there.  Anyway, B and I split the Tonga Toast and an egg white omelet and both were delicious.  I’m glad I got over there to try the Tonga Toast but I don’t think it lived up to the hype I’d heard about it.  Actually, it’s not that, it’s really tasty, I think it’s more that I wouldn’t make the special trip to the Poly to get it.  If it was available in my resort food court or in the parks I’d get it again in a heartbeat.

After breakfast we went to find the busses to the Expo.  It was about 9:10 at this point and we were informed the first bus wouldn’t be there for another 20 minutes.  Having discovered getting a taxi was so easy we decided to just grab one to the Expo instead of waiting.  We’d heard the Expo usually opened early so didn’t want to wait until 10 if it wasn’t necessary.  Sure it cost us another $20, but we were there in 10 min and got dropped off right in front, no long walk from the busses.  We were able to get in line for the Expo at 9:25 and they opened at 9:30 exactly 30 min early from the listed time.  And you could tell by how they were directing the crowd it was definitely planned to open at 9:30.  We went right to the official merch booth to grab the good stuff and got….nothing.  There just wasn’t anything either of us wanted, it was downright sad.  I wish they would do the pint glasses for all events, but this one just had a plastic sports bottle type thing.  Tinkerbell just had some stereotypical girly plastic sports bottle as well.  I love my WDW marathon and DL half pint glasses, give me more of those.  I needed a sweaty band to wear under my hat for the run so picked up a RunDisney one.  To be honest, I got it equally for the run and to copy it and make my own at home.  Its $15 for a headband made with a little ribbon, I can make them for about $2.  I also ended up grabbing a magnet which is now on my file cabinet at work just so I had something with the run name on it.  They had a zip up which was just meh and a few shirts.  I wish they had some general villain themed stuff for this run or heck, even something with the villains in front of the Tower, but everything just had a picture of the Tower of Terror alone.  Boo.

The Expo for this race was a lot smaller than any of the past RunDisney events I’ve done but I didn’t feel like it was missing anything.  We hit a few vendor booths to pick up stuff and then headed over to pick up the bibs.  I got my bib right away, but B’s line had the slowest person on the planet manning it so it took her a bit longer.  I was in F and she was in D.  After getting the bibs we had to head back to the Expo building to pick up the shirts and gear bag.  Hitting the Expo first meant more walking back and forth but we were done with everything and on the bus back to our hotel by 10:20 which was awesome.  The Expo was just starting to get crowded when we went in to get the race shirts.  Our plan of attack worked so well in fact that we are planning to take taxis to the Expo early for both Wine & Dine and Dopey to be there and in line for the Expo before 9:30 to hit the Official Merch booth first.  It’s worth the money to us to avoid the crowded chaos and get in and out quickly.

Pic of my bib, I didn’t to take one of the race shirt but it was pretty cute and it’s a women’s cut so I may actually wear it.

After the Expo we dropped our stuff back at the hotel and headed out to Animal Kingdom, getting there around noon.  We went to Expedition Everest and walked on twice in a row via the single rider line.  After that we went to the Pangani Trail in search of the baby gorillas.  We saw no baby gorillas but did get cornered by an older cast member when we asked about them.  Seriously, she went on and on and on for like 10 minutes until another guest saved us by asking a question.  So, that was a bust, maybe we can find the baby gorillas at Wine & Dine.  The park was unpleasantly crowded so we left and headed over to Epcot (which is where I had booked our FP+ the night before).

We were able to walk in and get a table right away at San Angel inside Mexico so that was great and it was delicious.  And we may or may not have taken the leftover chips with us in B’s backpack and snacked on them for the rest of the day.  We hit most of the stuff in Future World, walked around World Showcase and tried some of the food/drinks from the festival booths. But by far the most important thing was riding Maelstrom twice (once in the afternoon and once right before closing) as a farewell cruise.  We had a FP for the first ride, but had to do standby at the end and the line was long with other people doing a farewell ride as well.  I like Maelstrom but I’m not up in arms about it being replaced with a Frozen ride like a lot of people are, I’m interested to see what they do with it.  While I’m hoping I’m wrong, I’m expecting the same ride track with just a Frozen overlay.  So we hypothesized what Frozen stuff would go in each room of the ride.  Bye bye polar bear, hello Snow Monster.  I’m still more upset at Disney taking away Horizons in Epcot and going back even further, Adventure Thru Inner Space at Disneyland.  Those two are still my all time favorite rides.  On a side note, if you were an Adventure Thru Inner Space fan google and watch the virtual ride thru on YouTube.  It’s awesome, the level of detail is amazing.

Maelstrom fun fact, one of the vikings in the boat on the mural by the loading area was wearing mouse ears, look at the pic below…


Dopey Training – Week 13

Last week was Week 13 of the Galloway training plan, but I did the long runs from Week 14.  Because I am headed to WDW in 2 days for the Tower of Terror 10-Miler run next weekend!  Woohoo!  It was finally cooler here last weekend, only highs in the low 70s which made it nice to run in.  Saturday’s run was 5.5 miles and I usually completely run anything 6 miles and under.  But I decided to do an interval since I had to run again on Sunday.  Tried a 2:00/:30 ratio and it worked pretty well, but I wasn’t pushing the pace as my body is still not used to, nor enjoying back to back running days.

Sunday was 15 miles.  I was originally going to run with B but she had some child care issues so I was on my own again.  I had major stomach issues again and had to take a pit stop at my house at mile 11, then go back out for the last 4.  Which sucked, let me tell you.  I need to figure out the whole stomach problems/fueling issues.  I guess I just need to try to wait longer after eating before going out.  I realized I’ve never had the problem during actual races, just training runs.  Probably because being in a middle corral pretty much ensures I’ll have a solid 45 minute to an hour to digest before starting to run.  I’m also really hoping I can do the rest of the long runs with either B or my brother (who is now back on schedule for the Galloway Dopey plan).  The mileage of this weekend officially pushed me into the “Why the f*%k did I sign up for Dopey?” territory in the middle of the 15 mile run.  I keep telling myself only a few more painful weekends left to go.  At least I didn’t feel like I was struggling to finish the distance as much this week.  No major aches or pains at least, other than the PF in my right foot.  It was just the stomach issues that threw me off this week.

Last night (Monday) was Max’s first obedience training class and since he is so hyper the trainer told me to make sure I exercise him right before the classes.  So even though running was the last thing I wanted to do yesterday I sprinted 1.5 miles with Max before class.  I don’t know if it wore him out but I was toast after it.  Haha.  I may just call that my Monday workout and take it easy this week before ToT.  And if anybody cares, Max did really well in the class, even listened so well he got a cheeseburger as a reward for dinner on the way home.


The quest for the 10 minute mile

A few weeks ago I posted that I had a goal of completing my weekday 5K loop at or below a 10 minute mile average pace.  Last week I did it 10:15 pace, so making progress.  Well, last night I knocked a teeny bit more and did it in 10:13. But the more exciting part was when I looked at the splits.  For the first time ever in a run I managed negative splits.  It’s a miracle!  I usually go out fast and then fade as the run goes on, I have a hard time picking up speed even if I take it easy to start.

I’m doing the long runs from Week 14 of the Galloway plan this week since I’ll be at WDW for the Tower of Terror 10-Miler next week.  It’s 5.5 miles on Sat and 15 miles on Sunday, and I’m meeting my friend doing the Disney runs with me for the 15 miles on Sunday.  This will be the first time I do a long training run with someone.  Usually I prefer to suffer in solitude so no one has to hear me bitch and moan.  We’ll see if my slowness kills her from boredom.

Running in the dark….kinda sucks.

Last weekend was a step back week for me (I’m a week ahead of the Galloway plan because of Tower of Terror next weekend), so I just had to do 3 miles.  I ended up doing it on Sat night so I could get an idea of what it’s like to run in the dark.  Hmm, that made it sound like I strategically planned to do that, didn’t it?  In full disclosure I ended up meeting up with a friend to catch up over a little day drinking on Sat afternoon, which led to a post-day drinking nap.  I woke up about 20 min or so before sunset, took Max on his evening walk then decided to just bang out the 3 mile run.  I grabbed my super duper bright flashlight and set on my way.  I used to be the product manager for flashlights where I work so picked up this $150 handheld ultra bright one in a sample sale, so this is good flashlight and I figured it’d light my way sufficiently.  Not so much.  It was still dusk for the first mile and I was on a good pace, then it really got dark and I slowed down more and more.  I kept obsessing on how the flashlight batteries must be dying.  Or maybe when it’s pitch black there is only so much light you are going to get.  It didn’t seem like I was outrunning the light, just not enough light getting to the ground.  My neighborhood is pretty dark, not a whole lot of street lights or house lights near the curb.  Plus, it’s old (1950s-60s) so lots of cracks and uneven sidewalks from overgrown trees.  Adding to that, my depth perception is not the greatest in the dark.  So I was paranoid I was going to twist my ankle or eat it at any time.  This experiment left me thinking two things:  1.  I am never runing again in my neighborhood after dark.  If I want to run outside at night I need to find a running group that goes somewhere with more lighting.  2.  I really hope Disney puts a lot of lights on the course for ToT and Wine & Dine.  With my luck I’ll trip and jack up my Dopey training.  I’m not worried about the start time of the RunDisney events, during the winter I usually go to the gym between 9-10pm anyway because I hate waiting for machines when it’s crowded.  Just worry about being able to see and not fall on my face.

Dopey Challenge Training Week 11 or is it 12?

This week was technically week 11 on the Galloway training plan.  It called for the two mid-week runs and was a step back week with only 3 miles on the weekend.  I’m doing the Tower of Terror 10-Miler in week 14 of the plan which is a long run week.  So I decided to skip week 11 on the plan and go right to 12.  That will give me a step back next week, a Sat/Sun long run weekend, then the ToT 10-Miler weekend, then I’m back to a step back week and on the plan schedule the week after.  Well, until I figure out what to do with Wine & Dine anyway.  I though about just using the 10 miler was my long run per the plan but given that weekend calls for 5.5 miles on Sat and 15 miles on Sun it just didn’t seem like enough.  The problem with my alterations was that it is freaking hot here this weekend!  We’re talking 100+ on both days.  I decided just to suck it up, go early and accept it would be a slow run.

The 4 mile run on Sat was uneventful, but it was already getting warm by the end.  Today I got up at 6, took Max for a quick walk, ate something and headed out at 7am.  My goals for today were simple and caring about pace was not one of them:  1.  Not bonk, 2. Not have stomach issues, 3. Get thru the mileage and not keel over from the heat.  Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.  Finished the 13.1 and I didn’t die.  I had a bout of tummy issues but thankfully it happened near the entrance to the lake on my way home, so yay for indoor plumbing, that was a plus.  After that short break it was just a couple more miles home.  I was OK for the first 8, then the heat was out in full force.  And it sucked.  So I shortened the run intervals and kept dumping water on my head.  I swear the last 5 miles took just as long as the first 8.  The last 2 miles of any long run always seem to be a struggle and today was no different.  I ended up walking about 3/4 miles of that all the while in my head getting annoyed with myself on why I was struggling.  But logically I guess it makes sense given that the extra mileage each week should be hard.  I decided to leave the pity party and just switched to a 1-1 interval for the last 1.5 miles and that made it a lot easier.  So, I finished and while my overall pace on long runs still suck, at least it has improved with each one during my Dopey Training, so I guess that’s something.

And this was the temp when I finished.  It was seriously so hot that my visor wasn’t enough to hold the sweat on my head.  My eyes were stinging from the salt in the sweat by the time I got home. I can’t believe I’m going to say this (I love the heat in normal day to day life), but I’m looking forward to the cooler fall/winter weather for this training.  It’s not like we have seasons here for fall/winter weather mean highs between 65-75.  Then I can actually sleep in and not have to worry about heat during runs.

Morning Runs vs After Work Runs

My standing weekly Weds 8am meeting got cancelled this week, so I decided to do my run this morning before work.  I normally run at night after work on Mon/Weds and it’s always a debate on which is better. It’s just tough for me to go in the mornings. First up I’m not a morning person and am already getting up at 6am right before sunrise as it is, so it’s not a matter of getting up earlier, rather just going into work later.  Most days I’m at work at 7:30 and leave at 4:30.  I also still have to walk Max before the run and that eats up about 20 minutes.  He is an avid sniffer so stops to much on runs for me to call it a training run.  So today I got up at 6, walked Max, ran, got ready for work and was out the door at 7:35.  Traffic is so much worse leaving later and there must have been an accident or something because it took me an hour to get here when my normal departure time results in a 25 minute drive.  Score 1 for after work runs.  And since I came in later I have to stay later and deal with more traffic after work.  Score 2 for after work runs.  I’ve also found I’m just slower running in the morning by a solid :20 – :30 in pace.  So, score 3 for after work runs.  But then this thing happens around lunchtime when it hits me that I’m already done for the day and all I have to do after work is take Max for a walk (which can now be longer), make dinner and maybe work on some RunDisney costumes.  Woohoo!  That almost outweighs the bad, almost…  I still think I prefer to run after work, but it’s nice to change things up now and then.